21 Days of Posts – Day 12 – My Favorite Music

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This is day twelve of twenty-one days of posts between January 10th and January 30th of 2021. Hello again to those who read previous days, and hello to those of you who may have stumbled across this post “out of order”. You should go back and read from Day 1, for a few reasons. It explains why I am doing this. It is the first one, and I may make reference to something in it in this post or a later one. It also has a list with each day’s post (once they are available) and you can jump to whatever topic you are interested in. Thanks for reading!

We’re now at a post I have been looking forward to writing. I could fill pages with my favorite music, because I like lots of music, but I’m going to put some restrictions on this favorite list.

The first restriction is that I have to be specific. Nothing simple like a list of artists; no, I want to share specific songs. I’ve been doing this to some degree with my classical picks, but not my pop/rock/jazz/blues/whatever lists. I’ve been lazy and just naming artists. No more. For this edition of “My” music, it is specific songs and artists, as some songs are <gasp> covered by other artists, who either totally blow it, or create something even more amazing than the original or more popular version.

The second restriction is the number of entries. I am limiting myself to 20 non-classical songs and 10 classical pieces. This is why I have started this post as early in the day as possible, so I don’t miss some critical piece of music that has shaped my life in some way.

On that note, I want to mention that these pieces are not just the “best” as far as their sound or lyrics, but the “best” as far as how they have affected my life, whether good, bad, or ugly. Some of them are significant because of when I first heard them. Some are significant because they are associated with other cherished things, like favorite shows or movies, people, or life events. Some helped me cope, some lifted my spirits, and some provided catharsis. While I won’t provide backstory for any of these now, I may pick a couple and provide some context in later posts (after the fast ends).

Finally, these are in no particular order, which is why there are no numbers beside them, just bullets. Finally-finally, favorite music lists change over time, of course. These are my favorites for right now. I probably missed something that is “even more favorite” than another on the list, but this is pretty accurate, I think. I guess a more apt title for this post would be “Some of My Favorite Music, At The Moment”.

Pop/rock/jazz/whatever-everything except “classical” music. If there is an “E” at the end of the item, it contains explicit lyrics <gasp> .

    • Teardrops – Joe Satriani – from “Shapeshifting”
    • C.S. Lewis Song – Brooke Fraser – from “Albertine”
    • Lights of Heaven – Joe Satriani – from “Crystal Planet”
    • Room To Fall – Marshmello, Flux Pavilion, Elohim – single
    • Without You – Avicii, feat. Sandro Cavazza – from an Avicii EP – E
    • Rearviewmirror – Pearl Jam – from “Vs.” – E
    • Indifference – Pearl Jam – from “Vs.”
    • Shoot To Thrill – AC/DC – from “Back in Black”
    • Breathe (2AM) – Anna Nalick – from “Wreck of the Day”
    • Before It Breaks – Brandi Carlisle – from “Give Up The Ghost”
    • King Of Heaven – Hillsong United – from “Zion”
    • #41 – Dave Matthews Band – from “Crash”
    • Homesick – The Cure – from “Disintegration”
    • The Same Deep Water as You – The Cure – from “Disintegration”
    • To Wish Impossible Things – The Cure – from “Wish”
    • Trust – The Cure – from “Wish”
    • Celestial Soda Pop – Ray Lynch – from “Deep Breakfast”
    • Your Mercy – Vertical Church Band – from “Frontiers”
    • Dark Road – Sarah Jarosz – from “Build Me Up From Bones”
    • A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay – from “Ghost Stories”

Now for the “classical” music.

  • Vespers, Opus 37 – Sergei Rachmaninoff
  • Requiem, Opus 9 – Maurice Duruflé
  • Requiem, Opus 48 – Gabriel Fauré
  • The Planets, Opus 32 – Gustav Holst
  • Gloria, FP 177 – Francis Poulenc
  • Carmina Burana – Carl Orff
  • Glassworks – Philip Glass
  • Electric Counterpoint – Steve Reich
  • Symphony No. 3, Opus 36 – Henryk Gorecki
  • Color Music – Michael Torke
  • …and one bonus item – Trois Gymnopédies – Erik Satie

That’s it. That is my favorite list. Music, as I’ve said again and again, has a profound effect on my life. I am so thankful that God gave us music to praise him with, and to simply enjoy. He has gifted so many through the ages to create moving, resonant pieces of music that can be enjoyed still today.

Thank you, Lord for providing us with the gift of music, both to praise you directly and also indirectly. Your gift of music can be universally shared among all the people.

Featured Image: Photo by Simon Noh on Unsplash

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