Site Changes and Other Minutia

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In case you didn’t notice, I’ve been playing with the site theme. I’ve gone through over a dozen themes, with about a dozen left to investigate. They look so great on their demo sites, but once you actually put them on your site, getting them to look good is, shall we say, challenging. I’ve desperately been looking for a theme similar to the default WordPress theme “2017”, which is what I was running when I first set this up.

The current theme, Moesia, is OK, but not exactly what I want. My main gripe is that the header image, which starts full page, makes you think there isn’t anything there except an image. There’s no title visible until you scroll down, which is not what I want it to do. Most of the other elements are good and the theme is fairly customizable for a free one (I’m a cheapskate, remember?).

But I’m still not happy.

You probably wonder why I even care, as little as I post to this site, but I do, and I think (and believe) that if I can make it look good, I’ll be more apt to post. Who knows?

I’m still working on those posts I promised in my last entry…hopefully I will finish one tonight. If not, it may be a couple of days before I finish it. It’s coming.

Stay tuned…

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